Insights On Retirement Environment

LEGISLATIVE AND REGULATORY LANDSCAPE: In addition to a whirlwind of DOL activity, legislation including the SECURE Act and CARES Act, has shifted focus and reoriented short- and long-term priorities for consultants and plan sponsors TURBULENCE FUELED BY PUBLIC HEALTH CRISIS: The financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic has led to substantial market volatility and  increased […]

ESG Investing: Identifying risks, opportunities and motivators in a changing world

Details about the wide set of responsible investing approaches available to those saving for retirement Why ESG-related investments may represent a growth opportunity How responsible investing options resonate with workplace savings plan participants— particularly Millennials How investing in companies with strong ESG profiles can help manage portfolio risk How the Covid-19 pandemic has magnified ESG trends already under way

Anatomy of a Recession

The global coronavirus pandemic has unleashed historic volatility and turned ClearBridge’s U.S. Recession Risk Dashboard red, suggesting a recession is underway. This presentation walks you through the dashboard, helps you gather facts surrounding the financial stresses indicating a recession, and helps to identify conditions that have been necessary for forming historical durable market bottoms.

The Enduring Force of Innovation

Our research shows that innovation is a force that transcends crises and calamities, driving technological advancement forward at a powerful, exponential rate. We find that the most innovative companies ultimately produce stronger fundamentals and stock returns. Given its critical influence, we believe that innovation is an enduring force that holds the key to progress and […]