Our research shows that innovation is a force that transcends crises and calamities, driving technological advancement forward at a powerful, exponential rate. We find that the most innovative companies ultimately produce stronger fundamentals and stock returns. Given its critical influence, we believe that innovation is an enduring force that holds the key to progress and […]

Future in Focus® – Blackrock

BlackRock’s Future in Focus® is designed to offer data driven to support strategic design changes that may help your clients achieve better retirement readiness solutions.  The tool will help model how out the following for a hypothetical plan participant: Increase low participation or savings rates Drive retirement readiness Evaluate the effectiveness of the QDIA Explore the […]

5 Things you need to know about Social Security – Putnam Investments

Most people plan to rely on Social Security for retirement income. And the statistics bear that out. Social Security benefits already provide more than half of retirement income for 50% of couples and 71% of individuals.* Those preparing to retire may not understand the different ways to claim Social Security and, depending on their individual […]

Fiduciary misperceptions about investment selection and monitoring – T. Rowe Price Investment Services, Inc

Plan sponsors face an increasingly complex fiduciary landscape, as well as pressure to provide an optimal plan experience for participants at a reasonable cost. Making investment decisions under these conditions can prove challenging. In a litigation-prone environment, a fiduciary’s thoughtful, logical investment selection and oversight process should guard against misperceptions that are driven more by […]