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Thank you for your interest in the 401k Fiduciary Summit – Virtual. The first summit was created in 2018 with the goal to host a regional event that brings national value! The sponsors are excited for what we have put together for the 2021 summit and I hope you can join us. Please feel free to share this with anyone you think would benefit.

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CE Credits

AIF®, C(k)P®, AIFA®, PPC® and SHRM-CP®


  10am PT
Wells Fargo

Incorporating ESG investment into a retirement

Incorporating ESG investment considerations into retirement plan fund lineups is a relatively new development, learn how this is becoming a more popular ask from plan sponsor and how to navigate selecting ESG funds that align with the investment  goals of your clients. Wells Fargo provides an array of tools to help construct ESG lineups.
  10:30am PT

Behavioral Investing

We will be covering the way you behave as an investor can often have a big impact on your financial outcomes. This presentation, will walk through some of the common mistakes that investors can make when they mix their emotions with their decision making, and how to prevent them. In addition we will help you […]
  11am PT
T. Rowe Price

Insights On Retirement Environment

LEGISLATIVE AND REGULATORY LANDSCAPE: In addition to a whirlwind of DOL activity, legislation including the SECURE Act and CARES Act, has shifted focus and reoriented short- and long-term priorities for consultants and plan sponsors TURBULENCE FUELED BY PUBLIC HEALTH CRISIS: The financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic has led to substantial market volatility and  increased […]
  11:30am PT

5 Things You Need to Know About Social Security

Most people plan to rely on Social Security for retirement income. And the statistics bear that out. Social Security benefits already provide more than half of retirement income for 50% of couples and 71% of individuals. Those preparing to retire may not understand the different ways to claim Social Security and, depending on their individual […]
  10am PT

The Road to Better Outcomes: Understanding Behavior & Thinking

Under-saving for retirement is a global problem. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic — relaxed rules governing loans or withdrawals and cuts to retirement contributions — has exacerbated the problem. Given the complexities and differences across the globe, a one-size-fits all solution is not realistic. Addressing this challenge will take the combined ingenuity of governments, […]
  10:30am PT

Top DC Trends and Developments

We will dive into several emerging trends including adoption of ESG investing, student loan repayment programs, income creation strategies, default features, financial education/guidance and use of a fiduciary advisor.
  11am PT
J.P. Morgan

Topic legislative update

Daniel A. Notto is an ERISA attorney with more than 35 years of experience. In this presentation he will provide  legislative update. In addition he will help translates complex ERISA requirements into practical concepts to further help financial professionals better service retirement clients.
  11:30am PT
American Century

Providing Prudence and Participant Loyalty:

A Plan Committee Defends Itself. Industry news outlets are filled with stories about retirement plan class action lawsuits. From new cases being filed to settlements being reached to court proceedings taking place, the stories keep coming. When faced with their own suit, American Century Investments® took the case to trial.  Learn how the committee successfully […]
  10:30am PT

The Enduring Force of Innovation

Our research shows that innovation is a force that transcends crises and calamities, driving technological advancement forward at a powerful, exponential rate. We find that the most innovative companies ultimately produce stronger fundamentals and stock returns. Given its critical influence, we believe that innovation is an enduring force that holds the key to progress and […]
  11:00am PT

Anatomy of a Recession

The global coronavirus pandemic has unleashed historic volatility and turned ClearBridge’s U.S. Recession Risk Dashboard red, suggesting a recession is underway. This presentation walks you through the dashboard, helps you gather facts surrounding the financial stresses indicating a recession, and helps to identify conditions that have been necessary for forming historical durable market bottoms.
  11:30am PT

ESG Investing: Identifying risks, opportunities and motivators in a changing world

Details about the wide set of responsible investing approaches available to those saving for retirement Why ESG-related investments may represent a growth opportunity How responsible investing options resonate with workplace savings plan participants— particularly Millennials How investing in companies with strong ESG profiles can help manage portfolio risk How the Covid-19 pandemic has magnified ESG trends already under way

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AIF®, C(k)P®, AIFA®, PPC® and SHRM-CP®

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