Complementary 401(k) Fee and Investment Benchmarking

BONUS: Includes One Hour of SHRM-CP Credit

401(k) Fiduciary Summit is committed to providing the tools and resources necessary to run a best in class retirement plan. It is critical to benchmark your plan regularly to ensure it is in compliance, priced competitivly and meeting the needs of your company. We have broken the once complicated process down to four simple steps.

What Does a Benchmark Include?

SHRM-CP Credit

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Fee Benchmark

We will review your current fees and also benchmark them against what the market can offer

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Investment Review

We will provide a clean and easy to understand investment review of your current investments and how they rank amongst their peers

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We understand their is a lot of jargon in the 401(k) industry. We will talk you through the reports and answer any questions you may have

Four Simple Steps

What are your current fees?

It should be simple but many 401(k) providers make it nearly impossible to determine what you are paying. 401(k) fees are not as transparent and easy to understand as we would hope they were. We understand fees are not the only item to benchmark but we think it is a great place to begin. We can benchmark your plan against your peers and industry averages to make sure your plan is competitively priced.

Step 1

How do your investments compare to their peers?

Investments are much easier to evaluate because they have a benchmark and peers to score against. The returns of your investments are also important to evaluate because they are what the fees are deducted from. To put it simply, the worse investments you offer the more expensive your plan becomes. We can evaluate your investments and score them vs. their peers for you in a clean report.

Step 2

Evaluating the open market

After we put together a report we can get gather live bids from various recordkeepers to get an understanding of how your plan stacks up. Looking at the various proposals will allow you to see if a deeper conversation is needed to maximize your plan.

Step 3

Talk to a consultant to understand the findings

After reviewing the reports you may still have questions or want to dive deeper in a proposal. 401(k) Fidcuiary Summit is here to help and provide independent consultation throughout the process. Our mission is to assist companies in making sure they have the best possible retirement plan.

Step 4

Benchmark My Plan

A financial advisor helps with investments, education and is typically paid out of plan assets
A provider is where you go to see your balance, change investments and get statements.
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0 = Least and 10 = Most
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These disclosures are required to be available with your 401(k) provider. They provide information on the fees and investments in the plan